Everything is Better with CONFETTI

Our friend Whitney threw the most colorful and fun wedding celebration. The groomsmen had pompom boutonnieres, we tossed dried herbs and jingled bells as the new couple made their way to their chariot. The reception had vintage planters filled with colorful blooms, and giant confetti-filled balloons. Here are a few photos from the florists behind Queen City Blooms:



Colorful boutonnieres by Queen City Blooms.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 7.45.21 PM

The witty and beautiful bride!

Are you looking to add color and whimsy to your own life, wedding or not? Keep reading!


Since December, I’ve made it a life commitment to put confetti on every surface possible. My walls. My plants. Other people’s hair.

Here are a few resources, if you need to add some color and joy to your life:


36″ Confetti Balloons! Who needs an occasion to have these balloons in their house?



Make & Do: 25 Amazing Projects to Beautify Your Life by Beci Orpin. This whimsical and charming book will add so much color to your life. Orpin is the definition of CHARM.



My friend Melissa sent us these confetti-filled eggs for my kiddos’ birthdays one year. You would have thought she sent winning lottery tickets. Pro tip: take these outside.


I like you! These Amy Sedaris sprinkles are a treat in a jar. Sure, you can make your own confetti confections, but how fun are these?



Make your own confetti with circle paper punches  and cardstock! Tape the backs to your wall and go to town. Warning: this may cause extreme joy and happiness everytime you walk into your room. So consider adding this to your office.

Show us your confetti!

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