Indoor Picnic

The weather here in Southwest Missouri has been cold, drizzly, and not very spring-like. So for Easter Sunday this year, we decided to have a French-inspired indoor picnic. French wine, cheeses, a charcuterie board, home-made baguettes…the whole works.

Of course, we ate at the dining table, so rather than a picnic, I guess it was just French-inspired picnic-fare. C’est la vie. It. Was. Parfait.


We started with cheese and wine. French Brie, and an affordable French table white (although, between the two of us, plus our mom, we finished it off before the bread was even out of the oven…).

Speaking of bread…


Stephanie makes a mean baguette. And sourdough loaf. And soft pretzels. She trained in the book The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Worth the read, worth the upfront time commitment. Because artisan bread is…life changing. And diabetes-inducing. But that’s another story.


(We’ll have to make another post just on artisan bread making and the best tools to do it, in the future.)


Lastly, the meats, more cheeses, and the condiments. We chose shaved ham and rare roast beef from our local deli, a stack of non-Brie cheese for the non-adventurous, and then FIG JAM and ROSEMARY COMPOUND BUTTER. Holy Moly.

I made the rosemary compound butter with KerryGold (this blog is about life’s little luxuries, after all) and dried rosemary, mashing it all together while soft, and then refrigerating for a few hours to develop a flavor. Mmmm.

And fig jam.


Oh sweet picnic, Divina Natural Fig Spread, 9 oz is my favorite. I eat it with cheese. I eat it with crackers. I eat it by itself. Shoot, I spread it on English Muffins. I’ll dip dried figs in it and eat it. Our grocery store even carries a CHOCOLATE FIG SPREAD. I resisted the temptation. But one day. (Remind me to write another post just on my love of the Fig.)

Once our picnic was set up, we let everyone make their own sandwich. As cheesy as it sounds, I went around the table and asked everyone to talk about their sandwich. Because there’s not much more luxurious in life than a good sandwich.

What is your favorite sandwich? I want all the details. The name. The bread type. The dressings. Comment below, message us, or post a picture on Instagram with #bubblyinateacup. We’d love to see your creations.

{featured photo by Brittany Gaiser on Unsplash}

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