Backpack, Backpack

Remember when wearing backpacks with both straps on your shoulders was uncool?

21 Jump Street

{photo via Slate article, which makes me SO HAPPY that there’s been an investigative study}

Personally, I was almost always a two-strapper, because it was just more comfortable. I had A LOT of books in those backpacks, because…well, I was a classic nerd. And classic nerds used both straps to keep their backs upright (well…as upright as possible while still maintaining their low self-esteem poor posture).

Thankfully, the garment itself, a backpack, will never go out of style. It’s practical, it can be “cool,” and it’s easy on the back. A win-win-win!

Meg Ryan from French Kiss was my style icon in high school (notice her two-strapping?). So I HAD TO HAVE a leather bookbag…

Image result for meg ryan french kiss


I miss that thing so much. I can still smell it. And I’m not even sure what happened to it. Here are some I’ve been eyeballing:


HLC 20″ Genuine Leather Retro Rucksack


FRYE Logan Backpack



When I started working full time, I wanted a good carry-all to keep my mini purse, keys, notebooks, kid stuff, snacks, books…I needed a backpack! So I purchased Veegul Wide Open Multipurpose School Backpack , and love it so much. It opens like a dr’s bag, and has room for alllll my things.

Stephanie has a backpack / diaper bag that she uses strictly as a purse. Her kids don’t even need diapers anymore! But the bag itself was just too cool.

Here’s one if you’re needing to multi-purpose with insulated areas for bottles and a chic way to carry kid gear:


 Parker Baby Diaper Backpack

What’s your go-to carry-all? Are you a backpacker, and more importantly, a one-strapper or two? Let us know!

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