End of Year Lists: Books Read

It’s been a busy summer, fall, and winter! As we gear into a season of hibernation (hello, hygge life), it’s fun to look back over the last year and compartmentalize every detail into an end-of-year list.

Maybe not every detail. But books, movies, food, drinks…things like that, yeah.

We’re no Obama, but here’s the list of books we (collectively…not as a sister book club, because who has time for that?) read this year:

(the books in bold are must-reads)


Literary Fiction:


Graphic Novels:


Read Aloud with Kiddos:

  • The Odyssey by Gillian Cross – a great re-telling with stunning visuals. Perfect for reading aloud and introducing Greek mythology.
  • The Spell Thief: Little Legends by Tom Percival
  • Bunnicula by James Howard – a classic gothic horror! Worth revisiting.
  • Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling



Essays, Poetry, Nonfiction and Such


Mysteries & Horror



Home Inspiration & Living Colorfully Books




What did you read this year that stood out? Any books worth buying for your permanent collection? And if you’re in a bookclub, don’t forget to download Book Club Bingo. Use the code BOOKCLUB to get it for free!

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