Bloody Mary!

We recently treated our mom to a belated Mother’s Day lunch at the Hotel Vandivort’s restaurant, The Order. I’ve been bragging about their DIY bloody mary bar, and hot tamale, it was fun.


Our server brought us a large glass of ice and Tito’s, the rim salted to perfection. We took our glasses to the Bloody Mary station, and filled them with mix, horseradish sauce, various salts, hot sauces, and garnishes (including bacon, carrots, and peppers).

There’s no need for us to worry about invoking Mary at our house. We want Bloody Marys EVERY week now! Here are some fun ways to create your own Bloody Mary Bar for your next boozy brunch…

First off, a book! It always starts with a book in one hand, and a drink in another…


The Bloody Mary: The Lore and Legend of a Cocktail Classic, with Recipes for Brunch and Beyond

This fun recipe collection shares different takes on the classic Bloody Mary and how to create some fancy garnishes, including roasted asparagus.

As for vodka, I’m partial to Tito’s for a savory cocktail. Absolut Pepper might be a fun one to try, too.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 4.58.10 PM

Tree Brunch Gourmet Cocktail Pick

These fun swizzle sticks multi-task as garnish holders too. Perfect for your pickled green beans and bacon!

And speaking of pickles…


Pittsburgh Pickle Company Briney Mary – Bloody Mary Mix – Single Bottle

Pickle-brine infused Bloody Mary Mix? Sold.

What are some of your favorite things to add to a Bloody Mary? We’ll be having a testing station soon, so come join us!

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