Polished to Perfection

We are mirror image twins. That means one of us is left handed, the other right handed. Our hair parts on opposite sides. In high school, one was the cheerleader, the other the artsy girl who hid in her room reading VC Andrews. Our tastes in decor are opposite: cozy British chic to more is more COLOR.

When it comes to personal style, we are often on the opposite wavelength. One of us will be blonde while the other a dark brunette. When it comes to nails, if one has black matte, the other has a glossy nude. Simple and modern. Covered in crystals.

It makes life fun! Here are a few snapshots of some of our manicures, which we get done at a salon as part of a monthly self-care luxury. We also list some tools to DIY the ‘extra’ at home (as an Amazon associate partner, we may earn a percentage of sales).

When we glitter:

Copper Rose gel dip for the Thanksgiving holiday season. Pink & White Nails in Springfield, MO

Do it at home with ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish, Rose Gold

Nude base with disco-ball inspired glitter! Gel dip manicure at Venus Salon in Springfield, MO

Add some Butterfly Confetti Glitter to your own manicure!

Stephanie’s holographic bling from Venus Nail Bar in Springfield, MO.

Cirque Colors Holographic Nail Polish

When we go *slightly* minimal:

Minimal black and nude gel dip manicure from Venus Nail Bar.
Lavender and gold glitter gel dip manicure from Venus Nail Bar.

How often do you get your nails done? Is it a monthly necessity or an occasional splurge? Or are you an at-home stylist? If so, what are some of your favorite tips and products?

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