Groovy Baby

Mushrooms. Daisies. Swirls. Mod. Pops of color. What decade do these make you think of?

Our city’s art museum hosts an annual fundraiser that helps restore pieces of art in its permanent collection. They ask a handful of creatives to create a ‘living tableau’ for guests to interact with, and take some fun photos. We were honored to be part of the event, creating a glitzy pool party.

The party’s theme is based upon the piece (see previous year’s themes that we talk about here or when we dressed up as Sweet Monsters here), and in 2022, after a brief pandemic-related hiatus, the party returned with the theme “Return to Joy.” And it was a 60s theme, using the color yellow as inspiration.

Challenge accepted!

Here we are groovin’ in our new dresses. Barbie Box installation by the supremely talented Andie Bottrell of Designing Indie.

And for a full look at our ensembles (with matching boots!), at Homewrecker Vintage’s scene:

Stephanie’s look was inspired by warm colors and floral motifs. She added opal mushroom earrings to match Nicole’s mushroom dress. Her Mumu dress and earrings came from the local boutique Staxx, but you can find some similar options online:

Show Me Your Mumu Viola Mini Dress

Nicole went with her favorite brand, Farm Rio. Their new mushroom line is perfect for a fun celebration. If you like the mesh look of Stephanie’s dress, here’s a Farm Rio option:

To complete the look, we had to go with a Nancy Sinatra-esque boot-walkin’ look.

These Betsey Johnson glitter boots go with everything. And we wear them with everything. For party boots, they are surprisingly comfortable too, and come in about 100 color options! We both have “Rhinestone” and Stephanie has a gold pair as well.

Lastly, for makeup we both grabbed a few of E.L.F’s glitter eyeshadow and wowza it is GLITTERY. It doesn’t come off for days. Worth it. Stephanie went with gold and rose gold, and Nicole went with disco ball and purple.

What would you choose to wear at a 60s inspired party?

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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