Sweet Tea Treat

Despite us growing up in the south, we are not sweet tea fans, or really even iced tea fans. Classic iced tea, at least. Thai Iced Tea…well, that’s a different category of wonderful deliciousness altogether.


The best Thai Iced Teas are sweeter than sweet and a creamy orange tone. Our local thai restaurant makes a mighty fine cup, but some nights, homemade will do…

I start with these Authentic Thai Iced Tea bags. The box doesn’t list ingredients, though, and I have a feeling it’s full of yellow dye and artificial vanilla. Sigh. But. Cravings.


The trick to *really* good thai iced tea is adding a heavy cream. Half and half or sweetened condensed milk. And I bet coconut milk, the canned kind, would be SO GOOOOOOD.

Upon further research, I found out most Thai restaurants use this:


Thai Iced Tea Mix, Traditional Restaurant Style. Oh sweet orange elixir, I must go get some right now. See you on the other side of the sugar crash.

{featured photo by Quentin Lagache on Unsplash}

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